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Custom Rigging

We fish…a lot, and we don't like it when equipment fails. We take pride in our rigging and use connections that look good, are convenient, slip through your guides easily and will stand up to the toughest fish out there. We are happy to sell you all the parts if you like to do your own rigging. If, however, you would like to have us load your reel with backing and/or rig up a fly line we are more than happy to do so.


Our standard backing is high quality 12#, 20# and 30# dacron in white, fluorescent yellow and orange. We typically use 20# backing for anything up to 8wt. 9wt reels can go either way. We recommend 30# backing for 10wt and above. We begin our rigging with a solid arbor knot and load up your reel evenly with backing on an electric line winder. We finish up with a Bimini Twist, which not only maintains the strength of the backing but also gives you a loop in the end to allow you to change out your fly line quickly and easily.

If you are buying just the reel and backing we will load it to the manufacturers specifications, or your specifications if you have a preference. If you are buying a reel, backing and line and would like us to put together the whole setup we will put the appropriate amount of backing on for the line being used. In addition to dacron we carry gelspun braid for use as backing. If you need maximum backing capacity this may be the way to go.

Gelspun is rigged with a different set of techniques and knots to maintain strength, ensure that your backing doesn't cut your fly line, and to keep the backing from slipping on the reel. If you want gelspun backing please contact us and we will work with you to figure out the ideal solution.

Fly Lines

Orlando Outfitters Fly Line Rigging - whipped loop

Unless a fly line comes with a high quality welded loop, we rig fly lines with loops on both front and back. This is both for strength and for the convenience of being able to easily change your leader and fly line. The back of the fly line (the part that attaches to your backing) will be rigged with a whipped loop. We start off the whipped loop with a nail knot (or two in the larger line sizes) with which we form a small loop in the end of your fly line. We taper the tag end of the line and use thread (generally red on the back end, as in included photos) to create a smooth taper that will slide easily through your guides. We finish off with a coating or two of head cement and mark the size of the fly line with a permanent marker. The line you see pictured here is marked as a 6 weight with one large ring for "5" and a smaller ring for "1."

Orlando Outfitters Fly Line Rigging - whipped loop

There are a couple ways we can rig the front of the line. With anything other than a floating line, and with most floating lines as well, we create a whipped loop. This is done just as in the back end of the fly line only we use blue thread instead of red (see top photo). With most floating lines we can also create a needle-nail knot connection where a piece of mono passes through the core of the fly line and out and is attached with a nail knot see photo directy above). We will put a loop in the end of the mono to attach to your leader.

Special Requests

We are happy to make changes to our standard rigging per your requests. If backing capacity is important to you and you aren't laying out 100' casts then you might consider having us trim 10-30' off of the back of your fly line. You might also consider going with gelspun. We can put on less backing to give you room for potentially sloppy winding or pack on more than usual. If you have a special request just let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.