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Fly Tying Instruction

Catching a fish on a fly is fun. Catching fish on a fly you tied is even more fun. Tying your own flies adds a whole new dimension to the sport. Aside from being fun and relaxing, tying your own flies gives you a never-ending supply of the flies you like to fish with and allows you to design a specific fly for a specific application.

We offer a variety of fly instruction, from a basic introductory course to advanced classes and seminars. Most instruction is offered on an individual basis. Please  contact us to schedule a class. Seminars and other special events will be shown on our calendar.

Getting Started Fly Tying

Deep Silhouette

While it is certainly possible to learn to tie flies on your own, typically with a little help from online videos or tying books, a little one-on-one instruction at the outset can really help you along. We offer individual instruction on an appointment basis that will help you get started.

We focus on the correct use of fly tying tools, material behavior, and tying techniques required to produce effective, durable flies that are used throughout Florida and anywhere else you might happen to go. What most people find is that after only one or two lessons they have the skills needed to tie a variety of flies and, more importantly, the ability to learn new techniques with relative ease.

Time: We offer introductory classes on an appointment basis and typically during store hours. Weekdays are easiest for us but with enough notice we can do Saturdays as well. The class typically runs about 90 minutes.
Signing Up: Please call the shop or fill out our contact form for more information.
Cost: $50 per student. If you have a small group that is interested in learning we can set up a group class at a reduced individual rate. Please ask for details.
What is provided? We supply all the tying materials you will need, with the exception of thread. We also have a limited number of vises available for use. Please let us know when you sign up if you need a vise or if you plan to bring your own. In addition to your vise, you will need to have, at a minimum, fly tying scissors, a bobbin, a bodkin and a spool of flat-waxed nylon thread. Other tools you will definitely use but are not required for the class are a bobbin threader and a hair stacker. You can pick the required items up the day of the class but please arrive at least 20 minutes early if you plan to do so.
What will I Learn? We will go over the basics of fly tying regarding tools, material selection and attachment and whip finishing and then go on to tie one or more flies. Our goal is to lay the groundwork for many years of successful fly tying, focusing on techniques that are common to many fly patterns. After this class you will have a good basic grasp of fly tying and the foundation necessary to begin to build up your skills. You can either come back for more classes in the future or, if you prefer to do things on your own, spend some time tying and come to us with any questions or for help on techniques that you find difficult.

Individual Fly Tying Instruction - Intermediate and Advanced

Need help with a specific technique or material? Want to learn some time-saving techniques or just how to make your flies neater? We offer private instruction covering a wide variety of skills and techniques.

Time: Set up around your schedule. Weekday afternoons/evenings are generally easiest for us.
Signing Up: Please call the shop or fill out our contact form to set up a class.
Cost: Dependent on time and what we will be providing. Starts at $50 for a 90 minute session.
What is provided? We have vises and tools available for use but students typically prefer to bring their own equipment.

Intermediate and Advanced Fly Tying Seminars and Clinics

In addition to our regular classes, we try to bring guest tiers and instructors in from time to time for demonstrations and instruction. In most cases, these tiers have been at it for many years and can show you techniques and offer suggestions that will greatly increase your productivity and enjoyment.

These seminars and clinics generally focus on specific information such as redfish and speckled trout flies for the area's saltwater flats, bass poppers, or epoxy flies. Please check our calendar to see if there's something coming up in the near future

In-Store Questions and Answers

We're always happy to answer your fly tying questions and, as long as we have time, to demonstrate a technique you're having trouble with. If you need help figuring out what materials are needed for a fly you're trying to duplicate, are having trouble tying in a weed guard or whip finishing, can't figure out how to make your fly ride like you want in the water etc. come on by whenever the shop is open. We will do our best to help.