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Knots - Trilene

Trilene Knot - Step 1 Trilene Knot - Step 2 Trilene Knot - Step 3 Trilene Knot - Step 4 Trilene Knot - Step 5 Trilene Knot - Step 6 Trilene Knot - Step 7 Trilene Knot - Step 8 Trilene Knot - Step 9 Trilene Knot - Step 10 Trilene Knot - Step 11
1 - 3: Thread your tippet through the eye of the hook then bring it back around, forming a loop, and run it through again in the same direction as before. You will form another loop a little later when you wrap the tag end around the standing line.
4: Pull on the tag end and/or standing end to draw the circle down until it is relatively small.
5: Grasp the loop as well as the other pieces of line extending from the hook eye between your thumb and forefinger to keep both loops open.Wrap the tag end around the standing line five times away from the hook.
6: Bring the tag end forward and pass it through both loops just in front of the eye of the hook.
7: Moisten the knot then pull on the tag end to start to tighten the knot.
8 - 9: When the knot is relatively tight seat the knot by pulling on the standing line and hook.
10: Trim the knot and leave a little tag end.

About the Knot:

The Trilene Knot is a strong and easy to tie knot. It works very well with relatively heavy lines. This knot is significantly stronger than the improved clinch and regular clinch knot.