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Meet the Staff

T.J. Bettis - Owner

T.J. has been catching fish ever since he was old enough to hold onto a rod. His first experience with a fly rod was casting poppers to bluegill on a midwestern pond at age 12. It was clearly an addictive experience as he has now been fly fishing for almost 30 years.  He has a passion for traveling as well as fishing and especially enjoys when the two are mixed. He has fished for many different species in many parts of the world and rarely goes anywhere without a fly rod. His wife, Heidi, even let him take a few rods on their honeymoon, which included stops at some very nice water in Ireland and Austria. He has several children whom you will see in the shop in the years to come.

Favorite local fishing:
  • Hunting shore-crawling reds in the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon.
Favorite non-local fishing:
  • Looking for bonefish anywhere they can be found.
  • Drifting dry flies for native brook trout in small, rocky streams in the Appalachian Mountains.

Michael Fridfertig

Dave Steinberg

When you place an order on the Orlando Outfitters website you have Dave to thank for the experience. Not only is it likely that he will be the one packing and shipping your order but he put together our e-commerce website and maintains the website as a whole. Dave's fly fishing experience has primarily been on streams and lakes in the Orlando area. When not hard at work enhancing and maintaining our website, Dave enjoys spending time with his wife and their many, many cats.