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Great for wrapping a tight, flashy body on your fly. (So easy to use that you may want to buy one of each color.) Approximately 15' per package.

Click on the "Color Chart" link below to see samples of available colors. The chart will open in a popup window.

Color ChartColor Chart

Black (SB100) $1.89
Black (SB100)
Bronze (SB146) $1.89
Bronze (SB146)
Copper (SB033) $1.89
Copper (SB033)
Purple (SB092) $1.89
Purple (SB092)
Rainbow (SB334) $1.89
Rainbow (SB334)
Red (SB058) $1.89
Red (SB058)
Gold (SB250) $1.89
Gold (SB250)
Copper Brown/Pearl (SB034) $1.89
Copper Brown/Pearl (SB034)
Pearl Gray (SB125) $1.89
Silver (SB252) $1.89
Silver (SB252)
Fl. Blue (SB507) $1.89
Pearl (SB253) $1.89
Pearl (SB253)
Red/Pearl (SB058) $1.89
Red/Pearl (SB058)
Rootbeer/Pearl (SB045) $1.89
Rootbeer/Pearl (SB045)
Fl. Yellow/Pearl (SB502) $1.89
Fl. Yellow/Pearl (SB502)
Tan/Pearl (SB041) $1.89
Tan/Pearl (SB041)
Fl. Fire Orange/ Pearl (SB505) $1.89
Fl. Fire Orange/ Pearl (SB505)
Peach/Pearl (SB181) $1.89
Peach/Pearl (SB181)
Olive/Pearl (SB089) $1.89
Olive/Pearl (SB089)
Peacock/Pearl (SB194) $1.89
Peacock/Pearl (SB194)
Black/Pearl (SB099) $1.89
Black/Pearl (SB099)
Fl. Chartreuse/Pearl (SB509) $1.89
Fl. Chartreuse/Pearl (SB509)
Fl. Orange/Pearl (SB503) $1.89
Fl. Orange/Pearl (SB503)
Fl. Pink/Pearl (SB510) $1.89
Fl. Pink/Pearl (SB510)

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